About Us



Committed to deliver on time!

"RUN TO DELIVER" offers the most timely assurance of your package delivery. India’s 1st and only On-demand Delivery Service with point to point package tracking service. We redefined package delivery system with a solution that can just Pickup and Deliver anything within the day!
“With Run to Deliver Your Package Travels like a VIP”

For easy pick up and delivery of your package, RUN TO DELIVER has launched On-demand delivery service along with a Website & mobile app for IOS and Android to minimize the gap between:

'What you Have, What you Want and What have you Forgotten.'

Why are we doing it?

To empower the people within the city to pick up and deliver items across their city without the hassle of hiring individuals or begging your friends to fetch it for you. It is painful to wait for small sized items such as your keys or depositing bills/cheques when no one is around and you don’t have time to do all that. Run to deliver makes delivery convenient for time sensitive materials, including electronic parts or medical samples or report. Due to the critical need, fragility, confidentiality or bulky size of items these packages cannot be slotted into the existing courier or portal service’s delivery times for next day or two day delivery they must be delivered as per your schedule and specifications. We come in handy in such critical situations wherein the timely delivery will be a priority.


We enable small business owners to offer delivery at an affordable and convenient way. In order to achieve our mission, we are providing delivery from Restaurants /Shops that do not deliver outside their fixed areas to customers anywhere within the city.


Our riders enabled with devices which have one of its kind technology installed that can accurately relay critical data back to our headquarters, enabling you to find the closest rider to your pick up point for faster pickups. So now even you have forgotten your important things while travelling outside the city, just stay put at the airport log into our Website/Mobile app,fill your pickup and delivery address and we will get your stuff in no time with our on mobile point to point GPS tracking system of your package from pickup till delivery. And since convenience is the name of the game, we allow all of our customers to book their Pickup/Deliveries by using our mobile application, our website, or calling us on our number, +91-9871555666.


Action starts with 30-60 minutes once confirmed. Timely delivery. And our great tracking system which will pacify you when waiting every minute is a matter of life and death! And Yes. No excuse if we fail, which we won’t. So all in all we are at your disposal. Call Run to deliver now!